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Choose the Curtain Header Style fits for Your Deco

Ready Pleat proudly provides custom drape service in two styles: Pinch Pleat (Double/Triple) and Grommet Drape. 

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At Ready Pleat, we believe beautiful drapes bring life to home decor. And every home deserves well-made & sophisticated drapes. We offer the following header styles for our custom drapes.  

Grommet Drape - A modern take on elegance 

  • A good fit for Modern, Contemporary, or Southwestern Deco.
  • Deep rich folds with standard 200% funnels.
  • Easy install with a rod (Suits rod up to 3 inches in diameter).
  • Deep rich folds with standard 200% funnels 
  • The finished length includes 3 inches of fabric above grommets

Pinch Pleat Drape - Style and sophistication of a bygone era

  • A good fit for French Country, Victorian, Modern Classic Deco.
  • Stylish shape with two/three-finger “pinched” pleats to create a luxury look.
  • Riches elegant pleats with standard 200% funnels. 250% or 300% fullness also available.
  • Easy install with rod and rings.